Hair mesotherapy is a non-surgical medical treatment, essentially the treatment works by injecting vitamins desperately needed for the growth of hair (mineral, protein etc…) directly into the balding scalp via very fine needles. After these small doses are injected into the skin, the injection stimulates the skin’s cellular metabolism and encourages the cells to revive previously dormant tissue.

Hair mesotherapy works best as a supplementary method for healing damaged or dying follicles, and taking control over hair loss. Results have been satisfactory for patients undergoing the process and are permanent. One or two sessions a are normally applied, according to the patient’s need of hair. The patient’s own hair gains a healthier appearance, and further loss of hair tends to cease after 6 to 10 sessions. Growth of hair, which was unable to emerge from under the skin before, has even been known to occur; especially in women. Our clinic provides this method for both men and women.


Hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the world.

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There are methods that can be applied to anyone to get healthy hair. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of hair follicles from the scalp and the entire body.

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In hair Mesotherapy, the serum containing the mineral vitamins and other trace elements that your hair needs and enriched them are injected directly into the scalp where the hair root is located.