FUE Technique Advantages

FUE Technique Advantages

FUE Technique Advantages

  • Virtually invisible scars

Instead of making a linear scar on the back of your head, like FUT, FUE involves making very small, round punches to the back of your head. Each punch consists of a follicular unit (a group of one to four hairs). These punches leave small dot-shaped scars on your head, unlike the long linear scars from FUT that are harder to hide. You’ll be able to easily conceal these FUE scars, even with short haircuts.

  • Minimal pain after your procedure

Since small punches are made into your skin, pain after your procedure is minimal. During FUT, an elliptical incision is made into the skin down to where the hair bulbs reside. This incision requires sutures or staples and can cause discomfort for several days. For FUE, you typically won’t even need pain medication post-op. However, all patients are given medication to ease the pain

  • Less downtime

Along with less pain, the small punches require less time to heal than linear scars. No stitches or scalpels are used, so the donor wounds will heal within just a few days.

  • Ensures a natural-looking hairline

FUE leave you with a natural-looking hairline and thicker head of hair. Advancements in transplant technology ensure that your transplanted hair looks completely natural


Hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the world.

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There are methods that can be applied to anyone to get healthy hair. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of hair follicles from the scalp and the entire body.

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In hair Mesotherapy, the serum containing the mineral vitamins and other trace elements that your hair needs and enriched them are injected directly into the scalp where the hair root is located.