Patient Reviews

Mahmut Doğan

I'm very transplant surgery and I telephoned every hair transplant center that's almost named.and I had information about cultivation.However, as I continued my research on hair transplantation someone recommended me hairextreme.Heydar Bey reached out to the site of the hair extreme and sent my photos to him and a month after the October process was's been about a year.I compare my own hair with the transplanted hair in other centers of October before and I say, O Mr. Heydar, Allah be pleased with you.that's how art's amazing. work. at the same time, after October Heydar brain transplantation is excellent in relation to the patient's interest and relevance.I'm an officer transplant surgery I would like to thank Heydar Bey and his team one word, I say that art is only executed like this.Health into the hands of Haydar bey.