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Mesotherapy Treatment

Mezoterapi Tedavisi

It is usual to rejuvenate in the treatment of , which is a method used to make improvements in person's own blood. When using this method, cell slowness caused by genetic elements will be prevented. This method, which is preferred until the hair loss from rejuvenating to the skin, provides effective results for the treatment of the disease. Many people who are aware of this have adopted this method of treatment. Thus, this method has increased its popularity.
In addition to strengthening the skin and closing the scars,  is also preferred as a solution to hair loss. This method, which is performed with the help of some blood taken from the body of the person, will solve the problem of hair shedding. At the same time with a structure that strengthens the hair, this treatment method has provided positive results to its users. In addition, this process lasts up to 30 minutes, leaving no trace in the person's head.
This treatment method, which usually lasts 3 to 4 months, is performed at regular intervals. This procedure, which takes about 30 minutes, will be sufficient once a year. At the same time, the treatment of one's own blood will eliminate the risk of allergy. This treatment should be done carefully and meticulously. Knowing this, Hair Extrem will be happy to help you.
After treatment, small swelling and pain may occur in some places. Although these problems do not have any side effects, the frequency of recurrence is low. However, in order not to cause infection, it is necessary to make sure that the treated area is hygienic. It is also reported by the doctors that treatment does not bathe and the sun does not stop too.

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