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Eyebrow Treatment

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Eyebrows have an important place in expressing our emotions effectively. The fact that this region is rare or not can make it difficult for us to express our feelings. The counterparty may also be adversely affected. Therefore, people use this method to put an end to this problem. In addition to maintenance operations, planting will be a more effective solution method.
As a result of skin diseases, eyebrows spill out as well as permanent make-up makes the eyebrows spill quickly. As a result of the failure of new hairs to replace these spilled hairs, people undergo hair transplantation. This operation proceeds in three stages. These; After the examination of the area where the planting is going to be done, the operation process can last up to 180 minutes and finally, the dressing and prp process is started. As a result of all the work done, hair transplantation process is completed.
Eyebrow transplantation is also a process by adding hair samples from the donor regions, such as hair transplantation, to the eyebrows. When this procedure is done, positive results are obtained after approximately 6 months. Eyebrow cultivation with a natural elongation will make the face look more alive.
The fact that the eyebrow transplantation process is quite simple has encouraged users to take this service. Areas drawn during October are made according to the wishes of the users. So you can perform the sowing process by shaping your eyebrow as you wish. This process by transferring the samples taken from the donor regions to the kasa will also prevent eyebrows spilling.
There are no side effects of this procedure because the eyebrow cultivation is made from the person's own hair like the same hair transplantation. At the same time, the operation is permanent. This method can be done by men as well as women. The loss of eyebrows resulting from problems such as trauma will also disappear. The experts of this process serve the world as well as our country. Hair Extrem company with a long history in this regard you can make your face look more alive by contacting you.

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