DHI Yöntemi İle Saç Ekimi

DHI Method Hair Transplantation

DHI Yöntemi İle Saç Ekimi

Hair transplantation, which has been applied in a healthy way for many years, provides services to patients with different methods.

Although the use of FUT method is very low, it continues to be used in some centers. FUE method is widely and successfully applied. The method which separates the DHI method from FUE method is to make the sections which are known as sowing and channel stage together. Especially the fact that the existing hair can be applied effectively without being cut makes the method attractive for our female patients.

DHI Method has been applied in our center for a long time. We frequently use this method, especially in patients who do not want to cut their hair. Hair PEN / Choi (hair transplantation) is performed by direct transplantation of the graft inserted into the needle. However, it is a more expensive method than the FUE method due to the need for a larger team and the difference of equipment such as CHOI.

  • It is a painless and painless aesthetic operation.
  • Seamlessly does not require sewing.
  • The results are much more natural.
  • The recovery process is very short.
  • Daily activities can be started immediately after the operation.
  • New hair removal; Since the hair follicles originate from the neck, it is more vivid and more permanent.
  • Hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, beard mustache cultivation and scarring are also successfully applied.

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