Hair Transplantation

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Hair Transplantation

Hair has been one of the most important symbols of health,strength,vitality and attractiveness in human history.Hair loss (andogenetic alopecia) or hair loss due to a number of reasons,beard and eyebrow losses can be eliminated by hair transplantation.

Hair transplant Dermatologists Dr. first JapaneseSasagawa (1930) and Dr.Okuda (1939) started in the early times in general the method used for the removal of wound burn scars after, together with these problems to improve the aesthetic image continued to be used.

In order to get a successful result in hair transplantation, it is important that the patient's current hair opening is properly evaluated. The patient should wait for the result of a hair transplant knowing its reality.The expectation of this outcome is shaped differently in each person and there are many factors that affect the outcome. There are many factors such as the person's graft quality ,shedding and donor area density , age ,eating habits,alcohol,smoking, etc. This evaluation should be done correctly and explained to the person correctly and clearly.After hair transplantation is done in hospitals or surgical medical centers.It is important to have the necessary medical units in case of complications during the procedure.The hair October staff in a field where sterilization conditions are appropriate ;due to the ethical norms of the procedure, having sufficient knowledge and experience, aesthetic procedure awareness is high by a team to apply and follow up after the appropriate procedure with a successful process will be considered.

We provide VIP quality transfer,Hotel and hair transplant services starting with welcome from the airport to our guests who prefer us for hair transplantation as the Hairextrem hair October Center and send them back to their homes happily.As the HairextreM hair October Center, we closely follow the developments in hair transplantation in the world and keep ourselves up to date constantly in order to ensure that our guests get more successful results in our own content and to provide better quality Other Side services. In this vision, the HairextreM family hair October Center for many years as the same happiness happiness stop ... we offer our services with our discourse.

Before hair transplantation, people will have different question marks and priorities about what to pay attention to with the flow of information they get from both the media and social networks. To exemplify;

What method ?  What number of punches should be bought with?  Should the channel be opened with sapphire end silica? how many sessions should I have prp? How much hair transplantation should I have on the 1mm field? Is there a newer method?... etc. there are questions.

These questions should find the correct answers, for example, I want to buy with Punch 07mm diameter would not be right to say because the graft quality and hair thickness according to which punch to use the operation time should be decided, such as other and similar questions should be answered correctly or

Is there a reward for the hair October center I'm getting? Does he give you a warrant? How many followers and share likes does social media have ? etc ... questions

Awards given in general in exchange for sponsorship, that is, a certain price paid or social media accounts that feyk uses such situations ... these questions should be able to find the correct answers

I think that our country will continue for a long time with the high number of case experiences and price advantage that it has compared to the other alternatives that provide the continuation of this success story with the successful transactions that have been performed that make it the first place in the world in health tourism.

As the center of our service to you we October hairextrem hair for many years conscious of our social responsibilities and corporate ethical principles, without compromising our work quality and our visitors with the correct information the necessary and modern light by keeping all the developments and updates in our field, we are continuing to serve our structure