Hair Transplantation Treatment

Saç Ekimi Tedavisi

Hair Transplantation Treatment

Hair is one of the most important issues affecting the external appearance of men. Hair appears beautiful and often is among the dreams of many men. However, in some cases, hair loss may be delayed, and in some cases, the hair may become receding. The biggest reason for them are losses that occur as a result of hormone deficiency, and excessive stress. Hair transplantation is preferred and used for regular and frequent appearance of the hair.

Hair Transplant Surgery In 7 Steps

The operation process and the side of it is the stage where the hair lines should be determined with the doctor.

When you arrive on the day of the operation, sterilization of the patient's operation area and local anesthesia are performed at this stage. 

The hair of the person to be treated at the point of collection from the donor area occurs.

Channel Opening
Hair is planted in a natural direction appropriate to the area of the channel opening operations are made.

October Process
It is the beginning of the transplanting of the hair follicles at appropriate angles.

Operations After The Operation
The PRP treatment method will be used for dressing the areas where the operation will take place and will accelerate the healing of the hair that will be applied later.

Hair Wash Procedure After Operation
It is the washing process that is applied for 15 days, taking into account the sensitivity of the area where the cultivation takes place or the area where the hair is being taken. At this stage, the removal of crustaceans and the acceleration of healing.