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Haydar Aslan Hair Transplantation


We chose to specialize in the field of hair transplantation to focus all our professional skills. Indeed, follicular micro-transplantation is the most complex branch of plastic surgery, To guarantee results as we do, it is necessary to bring together in one place a dedicated medical team, it imposes a state-of-the-art technology, and requires a permanent questioning of the practitioners.

 HairextreM center at Mediplus Special Surgery Center has several intervention rooms equipped with any fate of sophisticated materials and meet the standards and requirements of the Turkish legislation, as well as we present an excellent price-performance ratio for interventions high range in private hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Saç Ekimi

    Hair Transplantation

    The duration of the transplant depends on the area cleared, usually between 8 and 10 hours.

  • Anestezi


    For a hair transplant, we generally use a local anesthesia and to reduce the pain of the patient we use a gel and a needleless injector as close to anesthesia, but if the patient does not want to feel any pain we can sedate the time to inject local anesthesia

  • Saç Ekim Teknikleri

    Hair Transplantation Techniques

    Fue (follicular unit extraction), DHI and sapphire are the latest techniques used in the field of hair transplantation

  • İyileşme Süresi Nedir?

    Time to heal?

    12-13 days after the operation the entire scalp should be thoroughly cleaned and the donor area will begin to heal

  • Traşsız Saç Ekimi

    Hair Transplant Without Shaving Hair

    A transplant without shaving the hair completely is possible it depends on the bald area

  • Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler

    What to Attention

    The most important thing after a hair transplant is to have a natural result


For patients coming from abroad 3 days / 2 nights are sufficient for this intervention

First Day

As your arrival at the airport our driver will pick you up and drop you at the hotel

Second Day

The driver will pick you up from the hotel to the hospital, we will give you information about the progress of the operation and answer your questions then we will start the operation. After the operation the driver will drop you at the hotel.

Third Day

You will come to the hospital to remove the bandage and make a first shampoo then the driver will drop you at the airport


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